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The unique and original mumba® bra, designed for both you and your baby as an aid for successful breastfeeding.

Happy Mums

Achieve your breastfeeding goals to feed for longer

Many women, who discontinue breastfeeding early, do so due to concerns that they have insufficient milk.
Alternating breast and frequent feeding will help to maintain milk supply in both breasts.
The Mumba clasp can support you when feeding frequently according to your baby’s needs.

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Happy Babies

Not all babies take to breastfeeding immediately

Although instinctive, it’s a skill that they’ll need to learn like others.
Research shows that young babies thrive and respond to repetition, and once an action is done a few times it becomes habit.
This repetition leads to familiarity and familiarity allows your baby to feel comfortable.
The BabyFocus print acts as a familiar object which your baby will begin to associate with comfort during breastfeeding.

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Happy Breastfeeding

Our quest is to #makeadifference

We want every breastfeeding mother and her baby to receive the optimal benefits from breastfeeding.
Frequently cited reasons by mothers for discontinuing with breastfeeding include painful breasts or nipples, anxiety over milk supply and problems with babies rejecting the breast..
The Mumba Bra incorporates unique multi-functional features as a response to breastfeeding mothers needs and offer you support in more ways than one

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Common Questions

Lactation consultants and midwives recommend alternating breast when feeding your baby, this is to maintain a good milk supply both.

On average your newborn baby will feed between 8-12 times a day; but it’s also normal for a newborn to feed every half hour to an hour.

It’s therefore easy to understand how mums can easily loose track and forget which breast to feed their baby from next.

Additionally, it isn’t always easy to keep your baby’s attention focused on the breast whist breastfeeding. As your baby grows they can become easily distracted.

The Mumba Bra’s unique design features solves these common problems and incorporates the solution onto your nursing bra.

Taking the stress off your overworked memory by preparing and supporting you to reach your breastfeeding goals.

Your Mumba Bra is always close to you, ready to support you, leaving you with more of your precious time to focus on your baby.

How To Use Your Mumba Clasp Reminder


Allow one hook (the black hook or the higher hook) on each clasp to signify a FULL BREAST and the other hook (the non-coloured or lower hook) to remind you that you’ve fed and emptied your breast, EMPTY BREAST.

For example, once you’ve finished feeding, close your bra on the lower hook (empty breast). Then move the hook on the other breast to the higher hook.
When you start your next feed, you’ll know which is the fuller breast to start feeding from next.


When feeding, always choose the LOWER NUMBER of the two hooks. Then close when you’ve finished feeding on the following number to the opposite hook.
For example, if the hooks are on numbers 1 and 2, you would choose number 1 to feed and close on number 3 when finished.

NOTE: When the hooks are on numbers 1 and 4, choose NUMBER 4, as this is the only time the lower number does not apply. These hooks are coloured to alert you.

Numerous studies have shown that babies not only prefer to look at high contrast graphics, but that such images like black and white graphics can:

Help increase concentration skills and infant’s attention span
Calm babies
Enhance curiosity

A baby’s’ brain doesn’t work the same way as an adults. There is so much going on in this new world of theirs, that they can become completely overwhelmed. It is thought that high contrast colours provides babies with something simple and engaging to focus on and while in this “intense concentration” they can allow their minds to rest.

Visual stimulation is a very important baby’s development. The BabyFocus print is perfectly placed to stimulate these senses during feeding. Helping your babies brains thrive

The wide opening on our BabyFocus a-frame allows the full areola, which is the dark area around your nipple to be fully exposed. Meaning that your baby can get a proper latch, which should be your baby closing her mouth on your areola and not just the nipple.

We hope you find this helpful

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