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Using our Mumba Clasp, with its unique two hook design, provides you with a simple tool to track which side you last breastfed from. Created with number and colour indicators, we put you in control to choose how you’d like to use it.


Full Breast/Empty Breast (Colour) Method

Allow one hook (the black hook or the higher hook) on each clasp to signify a FULL BREAST and the other hook (the non-coloured or lower hook) to remind you that you’ve fed and emptied your breast, EMPTY BREAST.

For example, once you’ve finished feeding, close your bra on the lower hook (empty breast). Then move the hook on the other breast to the higher hook.

When you start your start your next feed, you’ll know which is the fuller breast to start feeding from next.



When feeding, always choose the LOWER NUMBER of the two hooks. Then close on the following number to the opposite hook.

For example, if the hooks are on numbers 1 and 2, you would choose number 1 to feed and close on number 3 when finished.

NOTE: When the hooks are on numbers 1 and 4, choose NUMBER 4, as this is the only time the lower number does not apply. These hooks are coloured to alert you.

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It’s a well-known fact, that when breastfeeding, you regularly forget which side to feed your baby from next. With a newborn feeding up to 12-15 times a day.

The Mumba Bras unique design solves this problem by incorporating the Mumba Clasp Reminder. A simple but effect feature as a solution onto your nursing bra.

This means no need for breastfeeding bracelets, mobile apps or safety pins to track which side you last fed from! Your Mumba bra is always close to you, ready to offer support when you need it.

All our bras incorporate a modesty panel. Because we understand that many mums feel self-conscious and exposed when feeding in pubic with traditional nursing bras. Our Modesty provides the ultimate solution to breastfeeding discreetly in public without the need for breastfeeding covers or specialist breastfeeding clothing.

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As natural as breastfeeding is, not all babies take to it immediately. It’s a skill that they, like you will need to learn. Additionally, it isn’t always easy to keep your baby’s attention whilst breastfeeding, as your baby grows, they can become easily distracted.

Baby’s vision is the least developed sense at birth, because baby’s retina is not fully developed. Therefore, a newborns retina can only detect large contrasts between light and dark, or black and white.

Numerous studies have shown that babies not only prefer to look at high contrast graphics, but that such images like black and white graphics can:

  • Calm babies
  • Focus babies attention
  • Increase babies attention span

Our black and white BabyFocus sensory print has been specifically designed and perfectly placed to capture your babies attention, helping to soothe and relax them at each feed.

Furthermore, visual stimulation is very important for a newborns development. Our BabyFocus print stimulate these senses during feeding; helping your babies’ brain to thrive.


We hope you find this helpful.

If there’s something that you’re still unsure about then email us on

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If you’re currently pregnant and in the first trimester of your pregnancy, your breasts are likely feel tender and swollen. Your old bras may fit you, but if you’re experiencing a tingling sensation your old bras may feel uncomfortable against your skin. You can begin wearing your Mumba Bra at this stage. Choose a Mumba Bra size that caters for the bra size you’re currently wearing, and you want to be able to close your bra on the tightest hooks at this stage of your pregnancy.

If you’re in second or third trimester, most of your growth at this stage is around your rib cage, this is because your body is expanding to make room for your baby to grow. Some women will also see their cup increase by one or two sizes too. If you’re buying your maternity bra at this stage, you can go ahead and choose the bra size you used to wear. The reason for this is because you’re only larger around your rib cage because of your baby bump. But from around 38 weeks your baby will drop down getting ready for birth, so you’ll feel some small release in your bras around your rib cage and furthermore after your baby is born.  Therefore your bra should fit comfortably on the loosest setting around your rib-cage at this stage, to allow you to tighten it once your baby is born.

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Many pregnant women experience breast changes, but plenty of others don’t – and that’s normal too. Some women’s breasts simply don’t change much during pregnancy; however, you will notice changes when your milk comes in after your baby is born! So, choose a Mumba Bra that accommodates your current bra size. The stretch and the flexibility in our bras, have already considered the changes in your breast size.

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Measure yourself and follow the size guide to choose the size of the bras that you are wearing now. Our stretchy fabric will allow for any fluctuations during breastfeeding.

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The Mumba Bra has been designed to grow with you throughout your pregnancy. It’s advance fabric composition, makes it extremely comfortable to wear, that you won’t want to take it off! But just in case you have to, we advise that you buy a minimum of two, so that you have to wear and one in the wash for tomorrow!

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