“Mum Kit” – What “not” to leave the house without! – Mumba Bra

As a mum of slightly older little ones, I’ve been able to ditch my baby changing and it’s been replaced with a stylish handbag large enough to still carry all of my kiddie essentials in.
My kids are a bit older now but I still never leave the house without the following things….

Tissues – For the ever running nose – especially at this time of year

Wipes – For spillage, messy eaters, public toilets, I could go on. Wipes are a must have!

Healthy snacks – Are handy for when you’re out and about between meals. Being prepared and taking them with you when you go out will stop your little one asking for things they’re not allowed to have. They’re also useful if you need to keep your little one quiet when you’re doing things like queuing in the bank. Snacks also come in handy as bribery in difficult situations!

Bottle of water – It’s good to always keep little ones hydrated. Children are much more prone to dehydration than adults because their bodies don’t cool down as efficiently, so this is more important in the summer months when children are moving around and getting all sweaty. But just being thirsty can make little ones irritated and upset.

New mums need not sacrifice style for utility anymore. It’s important to select a bag that can hold all the essential items a mum needs. So choose something Big, deep-pocketed and stylish and you’re ready to go.

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