Mumba Collective Overview

Welcome to The Mumba Collective. A company making real changes in our pursuit to truly help mothers by addressing pregnancy and breastfeeding needs, through innovative and in practical products.

With this aim, we’re excited to introduce an entirely new concept that creates flexible entrepreneurial opportunities for mothers who join us on our radical journey. We believe that when we as women come together, through our collective force, we make a difference. And this change becomes a positive reality for us all.

Liz Morana, founder of The Mumba Collective, mum of two and creator of the Mumba Bra. Having struggled with breastfeeding my second child and seeing other mothers give up with breastfeeding due to similar problems. I discovered a gap in the market for a product that could aid women on their breastfeeding journey. So, I set about designing a product that would address a mothers pain points, and answer her direct needs during this period. With breastfeeding rates in the UK being one of the lowest in the world, my belief was that more support was needed and with that vision, the Mumba Bra was invented.

A product that could fully support a mother with comfort and flexibility throughout her pregnancy. Whist addressing some of the common issue’s she faced with breastfeeding, to help her reach her breastfeeding goals.

Since the launch of the Mumba Bra in 2013, I’ve travelled the UK and Europe to Baby Shows, selling the Mumba Bra directly to my customers face to face. As a result, I’ve met and established an incredible community of mothers around the globe, due to their love for the Mumba Bra.  Thanks to your amazing support, this mum-owned-business has grown leaps and bounds.

Seeing the benefits, the Mumba Bra has provided mums with on their pregnancy and breastfeeding journey and hearing of how you recommend the product to your friends, has inspired Liz to create a new kind of company. A business that is set to revolutionise the way this essential female apparel is sold and offer today’s mum a career alternative. The Mumba Collective’s mission is simple: to help mothers be their own boss, on their own terms.

Before working on the Mumba Bra full time, Liz was a Production Accountant for the BBC for over 15 years. Managing the budgets on high profile shows such as EastEnders, Citizen Khan as well as much loved children’s programmes on CBBC and Cbeebies. She loved her career that she trained for and she remained ambitious, but she wanted and needed more flexibility when it came to being a mum, which her profession couldn’t offer. So, she set about working hard to create a successful business with the Mumba Bra. Then later developed the concept of The Mumba Collective to help resolve this dilemma for other mothers who were struggling to achieve that difficult balance. The Mumba Collective’s mission is simple: to help mothers be their own boss, on their own terms. The Mumba Collective aims to be a community of women supporting women, a movement that we believe helps you do YOU and inspires you to create your BREAST lifestyle.

Mumba Bra