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Our flagship product the Mumba Bra with its breakthrough, award-winning features, offers mums benefits on many levels. So much so, that our customers trust our bras and are proud to recommend it.  

This is one product that every mother needs during pregnancy or breastfeeding. With several non-essential baby products on the market, the Mumba Bra is a vital purchase.

Made using advance 4-way stretch fabric, the Mumba Bra can be worn from any stage of pregnancy. This unique fabric allows our bras to move and mould to a mums changing shape, providing comfort on another level. And basically, putting a stop to mums having to buy several different sized bras during pregnancy!

Designed with breastfeeding support in mind, our ground-breaking and patented design has been carefully developed to incorporate 3 unique features to aid successful breastfeeding:

  1. The Mumba® clasp helps mums simply track which breast to feed baby from next, helping to maintain milk supply in both breasts and prevent painful engorgement.
  2. Original black and white BabyFocus® sensory print is perfectly placed to stimulate, calm and focus baby at every feed.
  3. Drop cup opening, easy to use with one hand, opens to reveal a modesty panel, providing the ultimate solution to breastfeeding discreetly in public.

We’ve taken this key lingerie item and recreated it to work for real mums.

The Mumba® Bra seamlessly transitions from an everyday support bra and a comfortable sleep bra through to a breastfeeding aid bra, taking mums from pregnancy to nursing.

Available in simple sizing Small, Medium and Large


All designed to continue to offer mums support at this crucial stage and are a great opportunity for you to make additional income. 

Mama Makes Milk – Silicone manual breast pump

Designed using centuries old methods for extracting milk from the breast with suction. Our Silicone breast pumps are 100% BPA free. Easy to use and are an affordable and more portable option for mums who want to collect their precious breast milk to offer baby when they’re not feeding from the breast.


Mama Makes Milk – Organic nipple balm

A natural soothing nipple balm for breastfeeding relief. Made from ingredients that are carefully sourced, clean, natural and organic. That help to sooth pain and heal the skin, allowing it to stay supple and moisturised.


Mama Makes Milk – Organic bamboo reusable breast pads

Leakage happens! But with our ultra-soft washable and absorbent nursing pads, we’ll help mums feel secure nobody notices.


With more products to come……



Mumba Bra