Breastfeeding Essentials Kit Bundle


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Just like every baby is different, breastfeeding every baby is different too. With one you may have a low supply and another you have no problems.

But our “Breastfeeding Essentials Kit” Bundle includes items that are universal to all mums to care for and support your hard-working breasts.


Nipple Balm: Experiencing sore nipples is not uncommon, so you need a good nipple balm to apply after every feed. Our all-natural Nipple Healer is safe to use before and after breastfeeding with no need to be rinse off before feeding your baby

50 ml Nipple Healer

Breast Pads: Once your milk comes in, you may find your bra and tops wet from your breast milk leaking. This is when breast pads step in to protect your clothes. Washable breast pads are more budget-friendly long term and more eco-friendly. Our breast pads are made from bamboo, making them soft and gentle on your nipples

2 pack Washable breast pads

Silicone Breast Pump: Because every drop of breast milk is special. Our Silicone breast pump will help you collect milk that would ordinarily be lost into your breast pad whilst feeding from one breast. It can also help provide relief from engorgement when your milk comes in. Then when you’re ready to have some much-needed time away from baby you can pump milk and let your partner take bottle feeding on. Our breast pumps come with a travel bag, making it easily portable for quiet, discreet pumping anywhere.

110 ml Silicone bottle, stand, lid and travel bag

These 3 items plus your Mumba Bra will get your breastfeeding journey off to the best possible start, for both you and your baby

Mumba Bra