What mums are saying about the Mumba Bra

“I’m on baby number 5 and this is the most comfortable bra by far. Love the colour, pattern and number tabs”
Amy P

“This bra has thought of everything, you can tell it was created by a breastfeeding mum, I love it.”
Emma N

“The design really helps with being able to feed discretely. I found the Mumba Clasp a very helpful feature. Great product which I would recommend.”
Sara S

“This looked really good and I wished I’d found it at the start of breast feeding. The Mumba clasp was a god send, really useful; every breastfeeding bra should have them. I have already recommended it to a few friends who are currently pregnant and due shortly. Every breastfeeding bra should be like this.”
Victoria P

“As a first time mum, I didn’t really know what to expect with breastfeeding. I’ve been wearing your bras for a month now and I wanted to say thank you because they are super comfortable lovely and soft, I’d like to order some more. It moulds itself to my shape fantastically and so it feels like it’s part of me. I love the padded cups as they give you added comfort and prevent your nipples poking through, which I noticed other mums complained about. I think the double clips are a great idea and I just love how easy it’s been to remember which breast to feed from.. I now recommend these bras to all my mum friends”
Jo C

“I really liked the look of this bra when it first arrived. It felt soft and looked like it would be comfortable to wear. I loved the Mumba clasp feature; this was a great help to me. I wasn’t sure how the BabyFocus print would work but it did. It definitely kept her focused and less distracted. I would definitely consider buying another one of these. I have already recommended it to my Midwife and friends who are expecting soon.”
Helen F

“I love my Mumba Bra, its soft, good quality and dries quickly and the design means you don’t feel exposed when feeding.”
Kati H

“I absolutely love my bras as so does my little one!”
Danielle J