Time to declutter and make way for …. new toys!

My daughter and inspiration for the unique Mumba Bra turned 5 a couple of weeks ago. We celebrated her big day with 30 of her class friends at a pizza making party and a lot of fun was had by all!
The following day, as my daughter unwrapped all 30 gifts, it suddenly dawned on me that I would have to make space for all of the wonderful new toys and de-clutter the house!
So as a mum of two, there are times when our home looks like the little people have taken over!

Once you have baby it doesn’t take long for nappies, books and toys to take over the valuable space around your house. By the first couple of years your child is likely to have outgrown many things. So building up a mass of “stuff” your child doesn’t use any more is quite easy!
As a parent you need to constantly manage both the inflow and outflow of “stuff” in your space.
So here are a some top tips to stay on top and get storage savvy.

Toss the junk
If you have a pile a of toys to sort through, it can seem overwhelming, so take it one box at a time and maybe even do it over a couple of days, then it’ll feel more manageable. Store the items that you think you’ll need for a second baby, or that are sentimental that you can store away in a memory box. Then toss the rest! You don’t need random stuff you’ll rarely use.

Store things away properly

When you come to storing things away, you can either buy storage friendly kids furniture, like a crib with drawers underneath which are great for stashing all those excess nappies and wipes. Or a wardrobe tall enough to have two sets of rails. Little outfits are short, so you’ll double your storage space.
Vacuum pack bags are also great for storing clothing away and clear plastic tubs are great for and storing toys as you can easily see and pick out items when you need them again.

Pass it on.
Find a new home for your old toys. Pass toys on to a mummy friend with different taste or donate them to baby groups or toy libraries. You could also organise a toy swap party with local mums. If you want to make some cash you could your nearest car boot sale and sell them on.

Now go declutter and enjoying making way for new toys and new beginnings!

Mumba Bra