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Every day, thousands of women are blessed with the exciting news that they’re expecting a baby. And from that moment, the amazing transformation of her body, through pregnancy and breastfeeding is incredible.

The Mumba Bra was created to provide mums with the most comfortable experience through pregnancy and offer a little helping hand to confidently succeed in nourishing her baby with her precious breastmilk.

We’ve put so much thought into this one bra, with the reality of pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind. Because mums need all the support they can get.

With this, we’re ready to expand and bring the Mumba Bra to more mums.

And who better to help us do so, than mums like you..

We’ve created the Mumba Collective because having mums like you on our team is the best way to expand. Mums already tell us that they recommend our bras to their friends, mums they’ve met in classes and even their midwives. So, we want to give mums the opportunity to benefit financially from these recommendations by running their own flexible business, with a flexible income around their family. Working with a brand that already has a profile, selling and promoting an award-winning essential product which makes a positive contribution to mums in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

This is an entirely new concept in the way bras are sold. But because the Mumba Bra is more than just a bra, we truly believe that this concept can guarantee mums like you who come onboard with the opportunity to work with a business with vision, join a family of like-minded women who inspire them to reach their true potential, a flexible work life balance, not to mention the attractive financial rewards.

 Every sale supports a mum on her pregnancy and breastfeeding journey and that in turn supports you and your business.



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